Sally Eklund, also known as Sally Snow and Sally-Snow Eklund earlier in her professional career, has used a variety of materials, techniques, and inspirations in the course of producing hundreds of original textile artworks since she began in the 1970s.

A few pictures from the life of Sally Eklund through the years

Sally Eklund (2nd from right), with her siblings, circa 1940

siblings Nancy, Martha, Sally, and George, circa 1940

Sally Eklund (née West), with her sister, circa 1950

with younger sister, Martha, circa 1950

Sally Eklund with her two oldest children and family basset hound, circa 1968

with two oldest children and family Basset Hound, circa 1968

Sally Eklund wearing one of her original creations, circa 1980

wearing an original creation, circa 1980

Sally Eklund with her husband Karl and daughter-in-law Jo in 2006

with husband and daughter-in-law in 2006


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